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Before the execution, the pirate captain Roger revealed a secret to the whole world in which he hid the looted treasures. There were many people who wanted to solve the Grand Line Island puzzle. Hundreds of daredevils set out to try their luck in this damn place. Only one problem awaited them on this island, dangers and evil creatures. Many stayed there, and those lucky enough to get out of this damned island alive gave up the idea of ​​looking for treasure. The protagonist of this story is the seventeen-year-old boy Monka Luffy. He is obsessed with the dream of becoming the pirate king on an equal footing with the late Roger. After putting together a team of brave sailors like him, Monkey embarks on a long journey. He wants to get Roger’s treasure. But will the young man have the courage and ingenuity to overcome all the traps the crafty Roger set across the Grand Line, or will he and his team join the treasure hunters who have already died here?