Angry Birds free coloring book and Angry Birds online coloring sheets for children!

Angry Birds a series of computer games developed by the Finnish company Rovio in which the player has to use a sling to shoot birds at green pigs placed on different designs. In this game, the player uses a sling to launch the bird into pigs placed on the surface or in various structures with the intention of destroying all pigs on the playing field. When a player passes this level, he opens a new level and new birds. In the in-game videos, you can find out that green pigs steal eggs from birds to prepare fried eggs for the king’s breakfast. Angry birds decide to take revenge and return the eggs. During the game, pigs hide in buildings made of blocks of different materials – wood, ice, stone, snow, clouds, sand. When you launch birds from a slingshot you will have to destroy all the pigs on the level. The level is considered completed when all pigs have been destroyed. They are destroyed both by direct hits and with the help of blocks of destructible buildings and fall from a great height.