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The action of this manga takes place in modern Japan. In Ichigo Kurosaki’s bedroom, who has been able to see ghosts and ghosts since childhood, a girl named Rukiya Kuchiki suddenly appears. When Rukia spoke to Ichigo, she was surprised that Ichigo could not only see her but also touch her. However, the conversation is interrupted by the appearance of a strong evil spirit. In the battle, Rukia, who was defending Ichigo, is seriously injured and realizes that she cannot continue fighting. She decides to give Ichigo half of her supernatural powers so that he can stand up for himself, but he suddenly absorbs all of her energy and overcomes the evil spirit. As a result, Ichigo himself becomes a vehicle of souls, and Rukia remains almost helpless. Deprived of its strength, it cannot do the work of a soul guide, that is, fight and send the souls of the dead into the hereafter.