Birds free coloring book and Birds online coloring sheets for children!

Birds are living beings that can delight people with their beautiful color or their wonderful song. For example, many people know the beautiful tail of a peacock. But such a tail is the property of men. And they dissolve it during the mating season, trying to attract women. Nightingales behave differently, they attract women with their song. Don’t forget that they have a specific role in the food chain. For example, there is a known case where the Chinese exterminated all the sparrows in their country and decided that there were too many of these birds and that they would not benefit from them. However, the inhabitants of the Heavenly Realm were deeply mistaken. The country’s government believed that the sparrows would eat a large amount of grain, so much that they could feed several million people. A campaign began in China to massacre this species of bird. However, that story ended with the authorities being forced to import sparrows from neighboring countries. If you want to learn more about birds than you know now, invite you to take a look at our free bird coloring pages. We have selected pictures of different species of birds. Those who have little knowledge of ornithology will be able to take the first steps to acquire this knowledge. And we are sure that everyone else will be interested in coloring and being remembered, some forgotten pictures.