Bob the Builder free coloring book and Bob the Builder online coloring sheets for children!

“Bob the Builder” is an animated series that was released more than 10 years ago. This is a good kind cartoon about a builder named Bob, and about the adventures that happen to him and his friends – special construction equipment. Bob’s construction assistants are a bulldozer named Mack, a concrete mixer everyone knows as Dizzy, and a Lofty crane. They build something all the time and come to each other’s rescue if help is needed. This series consists of ten minute episodes. This time is enough to keep the attention of little fidgets. The cars in this cartoon are like people. They talk, laugh and get upset when something goes wrong. For example, they are genuinely upset when they cannot move something heavy. However, together they manage to overcome all difficulties. If your child is not yet familiar with the wonderful characters of the famous cartoon, be sure to watch several episodes with him. Then you will no longer be able to tear it off the screen. And you can continue your acquaintance with the help of our free coloring pages with Bob the Builder. The outline drawings of the Bob the Builder are presented below. Choose any! The kid will like to “revive” favorite characters, Bob the Builder himself and his comrades on a piece of paper. The characters of this series: Bob the Builder (General Contractor and head of his own construction yard), Wendy (Bob’s business partner), Farmer Pickles (good friend of Bob), Tom (Bob’s fraternal twin brother), Dorothy (Bob and Tom’s mother), Robert (Bob and Tom’s father). Main vehicle characters: Scoop (yellow backhoe loader), Muck (red bulldozer), Dizzy (orange concrete mixer), Lofty (blue crane).