Christmas free coloring book and Christmas online coloring sheets for children!

Christmas, the feast of Christ or the Holy Christ, is the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ. Holiday – December 25, Christmas, also a solemn holiday of the birth of the Lord. Christmas is also usually celebrated with family or friends and with gifts from each other. Many countries associate their customs with Christmas. Attending a church service on Christmas Eve is part of the tradition for many. At first, Christmas was celebrated together with the baptism of the Lord, but later they decided to part. Christmas can really be considered one of the main events of the year for Europeans. You’re preparing for it more than a month in advance. Christmas is much more popular than New Year and is celebrated on a larger scale. Decorate cities, decorate Christmas trees, organize Christmas markets and provide a variety of entertainment options. At Christmas it is customary to set an abundant table. Among the goodies are roasted goose, duck or turkey. Cookies, gingerbread, muffins and other pastries are prepared for dessert.