Circus free coloring book and Circus online coloring sheets for children!

Circus is an art form whose aim is to surprise all upcoming spectators – both children and adults – with special skills: amazing strength, incredible flexibility, desperate courage. And therefore, performances by clowns, performances by magicians, acrobats, strong men and trainers are mandatory in any circus. For the first time the circus originated in ancient Rome, exactly where people demanded bread and circuses every day. The circus in its modern form appeared in France more than two hundred years ago thanks to two Englishmen (Astley’s father and son) who built a circular arena here and called it the circus. Their example was followed by the Italians (Franconi), who added elements of acrobatics to the figures with horses. Over time, similar performances have been arranged in other European countries. In the 19th century. The circus started showing trained animals. Children are very fond of the circus and, above all, it attracts a lot of animals. Lots of people like acrobats and of course everyone is crazy about clowns and magicians. We invite your children to refresh their memories of going to the circus and to paint the drawings on the relevant topic. You can download free coloring pages with a circus at any time and save them on your computer or print out the pictures immediately.