Despicable Me free coloring book and Despicable Me online coloring sheets for children!

“Despicable Me” is a cartoon that little viewers saw for the first time in 2010. The plot is based on a story about a villain named Gru. He intends to be reputed to be the most evil in the world, and decided to steal the moon. But he did not have an aircraft and did not have a reducer that would allow him to easily remove a star from the sky. As a result, he steals the diminutive from the Koreans, and then the young villain Vector, who also really needed the Moon, steals this device from him. Intending to get it back, Gru decided to use three orphan girls Margot, Agnes and Edith, in addition, he was helped by a whole army of minions. He became their guardian, and when the girls went to sell cookies to Vector, he put together with a treat and robots very similar to this cookie. It was they who stole Gru’s much-needed reducer. Upon learning of Gru’s trick, Vector kidnaps the orphans, who in return is forced to give up the Moon. And then it turns out that any object, the dimensions of which were changed with the help of a reducer, after a while returns to its previous state. As a result, Gru rescues the girls, and Vector remains on the Moon, which has grown back to its previous size. We are glad to offer you free pictures and illustrations for coloring Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. Your child will love coloring funny minions and other characters. We wish you a pleasant time painting the characters from Despicable Me!