Hello Kitty free coloring book and Hello Kitty online coloring sheets for children!

Hello Kitty is a Japanese pop culture character portrayed as an anthropomorphic white breed of cats with a red bow on their head. It was invented by Hello Kitty in 1974 by designer Yuko Shimitsu and became a kind of meme. The 1976 registered trademark Hello Kitty, which was used as a trademark for many products, became the main character in the anime series of the same name. Hello Kitty toys are popular all over the world. The first product that became very popular with customers was a simple wallet with a picture of Kitty. Previously, postcards and other similar trifles with their picture were issued, but they did not have such success. Kitty later had a family – father, mother, grandmother, grandfather and sister, Mimmy, who has a bow on her right ear so as not to be confused with Kitty. Kitty also has lots of friends – the Fifi sheep, My Melody rabbits, and others.