Holidays free coloring book and Holidays online coloring sheets for children!

Humanity has many holidays. Every nation, every nation has its own days when loved ones are honored, for example, mothers. There are also important dates that are celebrated as a tribute to tradition, such as Thanksgiving in Western culture. It also happens that modern residents of this or that state no longer remember why the holiday is celebrated and why on this particular day. The tradition of the celebration often changes, as happened with Halloween. But, as a rule, there are artists or just curious people who study historical documents, memoirs of contemporaries, someone’s notes, and then tell everyone the story of the memorable date. One of these gifts can be your own drawing. We suggest using our free coloring pages for the holidays, they can be safely used as a kind of sketches. Your child will only have to color in black and white drawings with colored pencils or felt-tip pens.