Madagascar free coloring book and Madagascar online coloring sheets for children!

Madagascar is another cartoon with animals as the main characters. The plot is based on the adventures of animals that were born and raised in the zoo. They were well looked after, fed tightly and on time, but once the zebra Marty noticed that their life was monotonous, nothing interesting was happening in it. And when he found out that the penguins are digging an underground passage to escape from the zoo, he escapes with them. Other animals, Marty’s friends – Alex the lion, Melman the giraffe, Gloria, the hippopotamus, follow, intending to bring Marty back. At Grand Central Station in New York City, police shoot them with sleeping pills and wake up aboard a ship bound for Kenya. Animal activists decided that these animals would be better off in the wild, in the reserve. However, the penguins ruined everything again, they decided to send the ship to Antarctica, as a result, the ship heeled and the animals carried the wave ashore about. Madagascar. Here again adventure awaited friends. We invite you to continue your acquaintance with the characters of the famous cartoon with the help of free coloring pages with the image of your favorite characters: Marty, Alex, Gloria and others. Each of them is a frame from a cartoon. Download and color! We wish you a fun and carefree free time!