Monsters University free coloring book and Monsters University online coloring sheets for children!

Monsters University is an animated film produced in 2013 by Pixar. This is a kind of backstory about how two monsters, Mike and Sally, met, and what their life was like before they started working for the famous company “Monsters, Inc.” A young green one-eyed monster, Mike Wazowski, goes to a special university, where he is taught how to scare children correctly. Many different monsters study here, as “scaring” is a real art and hard work for those who themselves have fear of children. He, as is customary among people, settles in a hostel, and his hairy green-purple monster Sally, completely unlike Mike, becomes his neighbor. At first, they dislike each other, but over time they become real friends, and together they begin to complete difficult tasks and have fun at student parties. For all fans of this cartoon, we suggest choosing and downloading free coloring pages “Monsters University”. Your child will be able to color the contour drawings from “University of Monsters” in any way he is used to, and, perhaps, he will create his own monster, endowing the famous cartoon character with other external features. Good luck!