Rapunzel free coloring book and Rapunzel online coloring sheets for children!

“Rapunzel” is a folk tale recorded by the German folklorists brothers Grimm. The plot of the story is about the beautiful girl Rapunzel with amazingly long hair. She was imprisoned in a tower by an evil witch who called herself her stepmother, although in reality she was just a neighbor of her parents. When Rapunzel’s mother carried the girl under her heart, she really wanted to taste the leaves of the rapunzel plant that grew in the garden of the evil witch. The man made his way there to steal the leaves, but the witch noticed him, did not begin to punish, but only asked the couple to give her their first child to her. A girl was born, and she was given. The witch called the girl “Rapunzel”, imprisoned her in a tower without doors – with one window. Years passed, the girl became a real beauty, she grew very long hair, along which a witch climbed to her. Once the prince climbed up to her, and then the adventure began … We suggest that you not only get acquainted with the famous fairy tale and the equally famous cartoon, based on this fairy tale. In this section you will find free pictures, drawings and illustrations for coloring with Rapunzel. Color the young Princess Rapunzel for fun!