SpongeBob free coloring book and SpongeBob online coloring sheets for children!

The resident of the underwater city SpongeBob has become the idol of millions of television viewers around the world. Both kids and adults love to watch it. There are also fans of the comedy animation film in our country. The first series was released in 1999. Over 15 years, the makers have released around ten seasons. And every cartoon is a story about underwater inhabitants, full of good humor. The plot is based on the fact that the main character SpongeBob knows the secret of making a Crabsburger, but does not reveal this secret to anyone. And the residents of the underwater city are excited to get it, especially Sheldon Plankton who tries in every imaginable and unimaginable way to get the coveted recipe. The residents of Bikini Bottom are friends of the protagonist. These are cute, funny creatures: Patrick (starfish), Squidward (grumpy squid) and Sandy, she is a squirrel and she manages to live underwater thanks to a special wetsuit. All of these heroes are featured on our free coloring pages, and it’s not difficult to find them on this page. You can color these pictures in any of the available ways.