The Three Little Pigs free coloring book and The Three Little Pigs online coloring sheets for children!

Three Little Pigs is one of the most popular children’s fairy tales. The Three Little Pigs are well-known characters and are used in many films and cartoons. In fact, the roots of this cautionary tale about the three piglets go far back in English folklore. And here is the plot of the fairy tale and cartoon. The three pig brothers build their houses of brick, wood and straw. The first two brothers are very fast, and the rest of the time they are resting and having fun. The third piglet works all day, from dawn to dusk, building a reliable brick house. One day a hungry and angry wolf comes out into a clearing where there are three pig houses. The first two houses are easily destroyed. And the house of the third piglet, the most hardworking and practical, is too tough for him. The fairy tale Three Little Pigs teaches children hard work, patience and mutual assistance in difficult situations.