Tom and Jerry free coloring book and Tom and Jerry online coloring sheets for children!

The first episode of the American cartoon “Tom and Jerry” was published in 1940. The audience liked the cartoon so much that the creators began to release short series one by one. The peculiarity of this animated film is that the characters practically do not speak to each other. Tom the cat tries to catch Jerry the mouse, but nothing comes out. Even if Jerry falls into Tom’s clutches, he’ll quickly find a way to break free. As a result, the cat itself suffers more than its “prey”. This story brings together all the innumerable episodes about the funny “couple”. The filmmakers have been verbally abused more than once for showing scenes of violence in the cartoon. At the same time, “Tom and Jerry” received several Oscars. And the scenes of violence are written as if it were all just for the sake of appearance: there is no blood, and in the next episode the living and sane heroes try again to catch up with one and the other to escape. A lot of people like the cartoon “Tom and Jerry”: both children and those who were once a child. We would like to offer you free Tom and Jerry coloring pages. It’s easy to download, save on your computer’s hard drive, and then print it out anytime for easy coloring.