Transformers free coloring book and Transformers online coloring sheets for children!

Transformers is an animated series about robots that can turn into cars. The first episode of the cartoon was released over thirty years ago. However, the story of the brave Autobots, who are doing their best to save the Earth from enemies, continues to attract the boys. Several different stories and several seasons of this cartoon have been created. So, for example, in the cartoon “Transformers Prime” the Autobots save the Earth from Megatron, whose goal is to destroy the planet and he takes the robots of the Discepticons as his assistants. Megatron was imprisoned, but after three years, he managed to escape and decided to complete what he started. Opposing Megatron is a squad of Autobots led by Optimus Prime. In a difficult struggle, Optimus still manages to win. The boys really like “Transformers”, even three-year-old kids watch this cartoon without looking up from the screens. Children need to develop, and if your child refuses to learn how to properly hold a pencil in his hand, entice him with our coloring pages with Transformers. Show him a black and white drawing of, for example, Optimus, and ask him to color. The kid will certainly agree, and at this time you will be able to make sure that he holds the pencil correctly.