Turbo free coloring book and Turbo online coloring sheets for children!

Turbo is another cartoon created by DreamWorks Animation. The plot is based on a story about a snail nicknamed Theo, who dreams of becoming a racer. Having once acquired unusual abilities – the ability to move as fast as a car, Theo decided at first not to tell anyone about these changes. However, on the way to his workplace, to the factory, he almost fell under the wheels of the bicycle on which the boy was riding. Having managed to quickly run forward, he was thus saved from imminent death. Soon everyone will learn about its capabilities. Theo begins to move towards his dream. And the first thing he took part in city races. Over time, he begins to gain credibility, he is given the nickname “Turbo”. But the adventure does not end there. We suggest you download our free coloring pages from Turbo, download, cut and arrange your own races with your child. We are sure that your child will definitely enjoy this game of Turbo coloring.