Vehicles free coloring book and Vehicles online coloring sheets for children!

The boys love to play with cars. From early childhood on, they have been transporting sand from place to place on a toy dump truck. Then they love bicycles, which they particularly enjoy repairing. After they get older, they already choose a moped, a motorcycle and finally a car. However, you can move not only by land, but also by air and water. What types of vehicles are there? Our free coloring pages with vehicles will help you answer this question. In this section we have compiled contour drawings that depict various modes of transport, e.g. B. a balloon or an electric train. Some vehicles are not only intended to transport people, but also to help them with their work. For example a crane or a harvesting machine. Our outline drawings will help you if you want to inform your child about the various means of transport yourself. Download and print all of the images. And in order to consolidate his knowledge, the child can find out what color this or that car is and what color it is in a black and white outline drawing.