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Winnie the Pooh is a teddy bear whose spontaneity has captured the hearts of millions of children. A wonderful fairy tale formed the basis for no less wonderful adaptations, which both children and adults watch with pleasure. Alan Milne’s book Winnie the Pooh was published in London on October 14, 1926. The book was later translated into 29 languages ​​of the world with the stories the author wrote for his son Christopher Robin, and the main character of the stories, the bear cub Winnie the Pooh, became a cartoon character. Many people still argue: Winnie the Pooh is a boy or a girl. Since the female bear became the prototype, Vinnie has been considered a girl in some countries, but in most countries they still considered this a male hero. Vinnie’s image has become one of the most profitable. Money is brought in not only through cartoons, but also through the sale of souvenirs.