Winx free coloring book and Winx online coloring sheets for children!

Winx Club is a story about six fairy girls studying at the wizarding school. The main character is Bloom, who accidentally found out that she is a fairy and that there are others like her. At school she founds the Winx Club with six of her fellow students. All of these girls have completely different characters, but they are very friendly and always help each other, especially in those cases where you have to fight evil. The cartoon was released in Italy in 2004 and almost immediately won the sympathy of the girls. It soon became one of the most popular cartoons in the world. It is worth noting that the heroines picked up not only European, but also oriental features. For example, anime elements were used to draw the characters, but fairies are dressed in a European way. The popularity of this cartoon was expressed in the fact that various goods with the image of fairies from the Winx Club appeared on the shelves. We recommend that you print out the coloring pages. Download them for free for your daughter, granddaughter or niece. They will be happy to paint them, especially since this gives them the opportunity to transform fairies, for example to put them in a new dress.