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An animated comedy-adventure film takes us to the modern city of Zootopia. This bestial metropolis is inhabited by a wide variety of animals. There is a place for huge elephants and small shrews. Zootopia is divided into areas in which it is convenient to live for different animals. By the way, all the animals of Zvoropolis are civilized. The focus of the cartoon is the rabbit Judy Hopps, who since childhood she dreamed of becoming a police officer. Her dream came true and she became a police officer. The second no less famous character Nick Wilde is Judy’s partner. He is a rogue fox who trades in petty trade. In fact, Nick Wilde is kind and helpful. Initially completely different in character, the main characters – the police officer rabbit Judy Hopps and the fox-swindler Nick Wilde – have noticeably approached the end of the cartoon. Only the two of them will have to perform a great inhuman work, on which the fate of all the inhabitants of Zootopia will depend.