Coloring pages for children and adults

Welcome to the world of children’s coloring pages! On our site you will find a lot of coloring and printable pages for free. All of these original images you can download or you can print directly from our site. By visiting our colouring pages website you will learn a lot of new and useful things. With our coloring book your child will forget all, that distracted him before. Print and color free!

A coloring book contains black and white pictures meant for coloring. Children have always loved coloring pages as this wonderful developing game allows a child not only to amuse but also express himself or herself and demonstrate his or her talent to everyone. It is so much fascinating to paint with colorful pencils, felt-pens and even chalks in a book, and be only praised for it.

It is due to the wonderful opportunity to draw as much as one wants that coloring pages are so popular. While creating his or her own characters by choosing colors a child wants, every child creates his or her own world in them. And if there is a silhouette of a favorite cartoon character on the picture, it is possible to involve parents and recollect together in what colors it was painted in the cartoon.

This developing and fascinating game allows the imagination to work overtime, helps to learn how to think and choose the most suitable colors not to paint foxes in green and water-melons in blue. Today’s coloring pages for children can differ much; some of them are sold in a set with special bright pencils or felt-pens.

There are also coloring pages where one can paint with chalks because they are made not as a book but as separate small boards where everything that has been painted can be cleaned and one can paint there again. Interesting and unusual coloring page variants are made for the smallest children, they are called water coloring.

To take a brush moistened in water and simply pass over the coloring book is enough here – a colorful picture will become apparent itself, and when the coloring page dries out, the color will disappear and then you play again. This is how a child can feel himself/herself a real magician who can paint with water. There are also educational free coloring pages that combine the game process with education.

In this coloring book there are pictures of letters and figures, that’s why such coloring book allows a child to acquire writing, reading and counting skills and is rather effective in the process of the child’s preparation to school. The child develops his/her abilities to study and increases his/her erudition. The world of characters in children’s colouring pages is very rich and various.

On their pages you can find characters from favorite cartoons and animated series, fairy-tales and comics, brave superheroes and even Barbie doll, that’s why it will not take you many efforts to choose a coloring pages for kids with the characters your child likes. Geometric coloring pages to print are also good for children of pre-school age; they help to develop thinking and imagination as well as to solidify the child’s knowledge about basic geometric figures.

One can start with simple geometric figures such as a square, a circle, a rectangle, a triangle, and a rhomb. Using our coloring books your child will understand the beauty of figures made of geometric elements as it can be a star, a flower, the sun or any other printable coloring pages.

And, of course, a great number of various online coloring pages can be found on our web site and simply printed out. It is the most affordable option that will develop your child’s intellectual and creative potential, besides looking through various types of coloring books on the screen the child can choose himself or herself which of the suggested pictures to color.

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